Jonathan Jacobs
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I have ridden horses and ponies for over 30 years and have owned and competed several horses during this time. I currently own one horse whom I still ride on a regular basis. Though I do not these days have the same desire or time to compete, I thoroughly enjoy schooling and jumping.

Like many of the practising Equine Dentists I am a graduate of the American School of Equine Dentistry based in Virginia. The course is taught by Dr R Hyde DVM whom, with over 25 years experience as both a Vet and Equine Dentist, can be considered one of the leading worldwide authorities in this specialist area of expertise. After completing my Graduation I continued further training as an apprentice with both Dr Hyde and Mr. E Kilby IAED/C who was also an instructor on my course. In 2007 I completed my training and have in the 6 years since furthered my experience with over 2000 horses.

My aim is simple - to provide an improvement in your horse or pony’s general wellbeing as well as its comfort when being ridden, potentially leading to improved performance and acceptance of the bit. I adopt a non confrontational approach with the horse and invariably find through patience and horse handling skills that I am able to provide our equine friend with a comprehensive and thorough Dental Service at a competitive price.

My work is carried out with the most up to date power tools as well as hand floats. The innovation of the last few years has seen power floats offer a more tissue friendly alternative to hand floats as well as being far more time effective and often less stressful to the horse. With rare exceptions, all work is carried out without the need for sedation, thereby removing the costs associated with sedation. On the rare occasions that sedation is required I will be pleased to work closely with your usual veterinarian. Finally, I am insured for Professional and Public Liability.

I live in Potters Bar and work mainly in the counties of Hertfordshire, Essex, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. Please contact me to discuss.

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